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At Psychology Matters we conduct a number of assessments for different purposes, for adults, adolescents and children.

Psychoeducational assessments

These assessments are completed in order to gain a better understanding of a person's learning profile. Schools and physicians recommend children have these assessments done if they are demonstrating academic difficulties or behavioural/emotional concerns. Adults also come for assessment, in order to determine if they are struggling with ADHD, a learning disability or other psychological issues. Testing includes IQ, academic, neurological (if warranted) and psychological measures.

Career and educational

These assessments analyse an individual's personality, intellect, acquired work skills and interests in order to determine suitable areas of possible work. High school students who are unclear about their area of focus for post-secondary education often have an assessment done in order to determine a suitable area of study in university or college. Individuals in the work force who are interested in making an informed choice about a career change benefit from this type of assessment as well.

Autism/Developmental Assessments

Autism assessments include cognitive, behavioural, adaptive testing as well as the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS). This diagnostic assessment helps to determine whether individuals satisfy the criteria for an autism diagnosis, and provide recommendations for intervention, support, and programming suggestions. This assessment can also be completed in conjunction with a psychoeducational assessment in order to provide a complete overview of a child's functioning. 

Developmental Assessments provide a broader understanding of a child's delays or challenges within the context of the child's development. Areas of assessment typically include communication skills, problem-solving, social skills, motor skills, and daily living skills. A child's social-emotional functioning and family life are also reviewed. The purpose of this assessment is to provide families with an overview of where the child's skill development stands in comparison to other children his or her age in many areas. It includes recommendations for intervention, programming suggestions along with parenting strategies.

Psychological Assessments

These assessments are conducted in order to gain a better understanding of an individual's psychological profile and determine if there is a diagnosis present and provide recommendations. Testing involves an interview with a clinician, and the completion of a number of psychological questionnaires and other testing. You, the client, own the report, however, many clients will share the results with their physician, case workers, family and sometimes employers.

Psychology Matters also completes assessments for Developmental Services Ontario (DSO), which are used to determine eligibility for funding through their program. We also conduct assessments to support Ontario Disability Support Plan (ODSP) applications.

WSIB, insurance, and motor vehicle accident (MVA) claims

Psychology Matters is a facility that is licensed to conduct psychological assessments for individuals who have been in a motor vehicle accident or have made claims through the WSIB. There is an approval process that must be satisfied in order to have therapeutic and assessment services covered by these agencies.

Insurance Coverage

Fees are often covered (at least in part) by an extended health benefits plan either purchased by you or your employer. You should consult with your extended health provider or review their benefits booklet to determine what your coverage is. Victims of motor vehicle accidents may qualify for services from their auto insurer. Individuals with WSIB claims are also able to have their fees covered.

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