Occupational Therapy

Celia Mirko is an Occupational Therapist on our team. She is also trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Celia provides assessment, intervention and evaluation of clients related to occupational performance in self-care, work, study, and leisure. She is able to advise on health risks in the workplace, safe driving for older adults, and provider intervention to promote mental health for children and youth.

WSIB claims for Trauma-informed Occupational Therapy

Celia can provide trauma informed Occupational therapy, for mental health claims under the Community Mental Health program for WSIB. She is able to effectively liaise with psychologists, and other treating professionals providing treatment to provide a coordinated approach to supporting clients to return to work or increase their capacity, and wellness.

Insurance Coverage

Fees are often covered (at least in part) by an extended health benefits plan either purchased by you or your employer. You should consult with your extended health provider or review their benefits booklet to determine what vour coverage is. Victims of motor vehicle accidents may qualify for services from their auto insurer. Individuals with WSIB claims are also able to have their fees covered.

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