Autism & Developmental Assessments

Autism assessments include cognitive, behavioural, adaptive testing as well as the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS). This diagnostic assessment helps to determine whether individuals satisfy the criteria for an autism diagnosis, and provide recommendations for intervention, support, and programming suggestions. This assessment can also be completed in conjunction with a psychoeducational assessment in order to provide a complete overview of a child's functioning. 

Developmental Screenings and Early Diagnostic Assessments (age 1 to 6)

These comprehensive assessments consist of standardized tests, interviews with parents and caregivers, and observations in various settings such as school, daycare and home. Early screening can provide essential information regarding development in areas such as cognition, physical/motor, language, and social-emotional functioning. This helps to identify children who may need additional support or early intervention services as well as providing individual and specialized recommendations for programming. 

Parent Consultation Services

A consultant will work with parents and families to address challenges occurring in the home, school and/or community. Parent consultation is often brief and provides parents with strategies to increase positive child behaviour and decrease undesirable behaviour.  Common referral concerns include parenting challenges, power struggles, non-compliance, emotional regulation, communication and problem-solving skills.

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