Before Operational Stress Program

for First Responders and Front Line Personnel

The BOS program at Psychology Matters is a proprietary, evidence-informed initiative aimed at fostering mental health resilience and equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to manage stress related to traumatic experiences, which are often an inherent part of many job roles. This program has been meticulously designed based on solid research and empirical data, ensuring its effectiveness in addressing workplace trauma and stress. BOS goes beyond simply teaching coping mechanisms, it empowers participants to proactively build their resilience and mental fortitude. The program has proven to be effective in reducing stress and preventing mental health injuries in the workplace. By participating in the BOS program, employees gain the necessary tools to navigate challenging situations, thereby promoting not only their personal well-being but also contributing to a healthier, more productive work environment.


Who delivers the BOS program? 

BOS is delivered by one or two certified mental healthcare professionals, depending on group size. 

Where/when is the program delivered?

BOS is delivered at a location in the group's community. Times are contingent on the needs of the group.

Is BOS intended to be proactive, in that only those not currently suffering from an OSI should participate? 

The BOS program is designed for anyone who has been or is likely to be exposed to Operational Stress and potentially traumatic events. BOS is not appropriate for individuals currently experiencing acute OSI symptoms, but rather recommended for individuals who are in the post-treatment stage of an OSI.

The Standard BOS delivery is a group-based intervention that provides participants with the opportunity to receive and offer support. Within each module, participants receive education that is then discussed and processed within the group. 

  • Cost: $2,295 (costs are covered by the majority of insurance plans)
  • 7-10 Participants* 
  • Delivered in-person in a group setting. 
  • 8 two-hour sessions done weekly for 2 months.
  • free manual included
To Register:

Please submit your expression of interest to be part of this group here. In your message, indicate which group you would like to attend, and we will reach out to you with more information.

If you are an organization, and are interested in BOS group deliveries for your service please reach out to us at our contact page and we're happy to provide more information.

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